LangTime Chat, Episode 7: Conlang Game (David’s Conlangs)

Not to build up too much hype, but this episode will be an instant classic! It features a “conlang” game that David had no idea was coming.

As resources for the episode, here is a link to the Wiki mentioned:

And here is a photo of the cards used during the game:

We hope you enjoy the episode as much as we did!


LangTime Chat, Episode 6: Childhood Ambitions and Random Memories

Welcome to the sixth episode of LangTime Chat, where we discuss childhood ambitions and other random memories! We recently discovered that we both had dreams of being cartoon artists when we were kids, so we decided to devote an episode to exploring our young dreams. We hope you enjoy!


LangTime Chat, Episode 5: Dictionaries

This episode’s focus is dictionaries–a favorite topic of mine! Throughout the episode, we talk about several resources, including…

The ConWorkShop:


David’s Language Creation template (Pages):

David’s Language Creation template (PDF):

And an image from the self-published grammar of my first conlang (Hiutsath), which provides a dictionary in a spreadsheet format:

We hope you enjoy listening and pondering the many wonders of dictionaries!


LangTime Chat, Episode 4: Basic Vocabulary in Conlangs

This episode is a wild ride beginning with a story about a vent and ending with a story about raunchy pizza. In between those two points, we discuss children’s language use and basic vocabulary in conlangs. There are several resources to accompany, including some photos and PDF documents.

One discussion takes us into the territory of snow-covered gloves. In case you are like David and have no experience with snow sticking to your gloves as you play outside, here is a photo of a very young Will in the snow. If you look closely at his gloves, you’ll see how snow sticks right to them.

The discussion veers into Meridian’s “permanent hat,” and you all need a photo to see that darling hat!

The final photo is a screenshot of a chart I drew about basic vocabulary as we talked about words in conlangs. If you follow us on Instagram or Twitter, you’ll recognize this photo!

Attached to this post are two PDF documents: the Swadesh List and the Leipzig-Jakarta List, both of which are discussed in the podcast.

And, finally, here is the transcript. Enjoy!


LangTime Chat, Episode 3: Inspiration

This episode’s theme was “inspiration,” and David and I were so inspired that we managed to abandon all plans I had made for the podcast and talked about everything from music to breviloquence, from airport mishaps to our initial enemy-ship. It’s a wild ride!

This episode also comes with resources: there are two pictures discussed in the podcast that we decided you just had to see, so you can see for yourself the psychology behind our first-ever photo together.



See? Even enemies can become friends.

As an additional bonus, I created a transcript for this episode! I hope this is something we can regularly offer, but I can’t make promises because it relies on technology… And we all know how that can go. 


LangTime Chat, Episode 2: Conlang Communities

For this month’s episode of our podcast, David and I discussed conlang communities, focusing on online communities that offer conlangers the ability to connect from afar. Since David is much better educated than I am on this particular topic, he gave me a bit of a history lesson before diving into what’s available now. Along the way, we also managed to fit in discussions on everything from Brooklyn 99 to Men of a Certain Age. It all connects–I promise!

These resources/images are mentioned in the podcast; here they are so you can check them out for yourself!


LangTime Chat, Episode 1: A Bunch of Beginnings

After finishing our first live stream video, David and I sat down (actually, we continued sitting down) to record our very first podcast episode. This first episode includes discussions on how we became interested in linguistics and conlangs, what lessons we learned from our first conlangs, and how we almost could have met ten years before we actually met. Oh, and balloons. You never know where discussions will go in LangTime Chat!