LangTime Chat, Episode 40: Conlang Documentation

In this episode, we talk about the kinds of information that make a conlang’s written grammar more helpful and accessible to other conlangers who want to learn about your language. (And also that make it better for you to keep track of your own language!) We provide examples from conlangers’ grammars to show strategies you can use in your documentation.

The PDF of the Keynote presentation we use is included as an attachment (where you can see the fonts David was so excited about!).

Happy documenting!


At the end of the episode is a suggestion for using the Grambank features list as a method for documenting and sharing information in a readily accessible way and for noting areas of your language that you haven’t yet addressed. Click herefor a link to a Google Sheet that includes all the features, links to descriptions of the features on Grambank’s website, dropdown menus for selecting the response best matching your language, and cells for you to provide information about your language.

The first sheet is the full list of features. There is a second sheet (look at the bottom of the screen to find the second sheet) called “Instructions” that provides more information about how the sheet is organized and what you can do with it.

The sheet is view-only, so you’ll need to make a copy (an option under the “File” menu) before you can edit it and use it for your language.

By LangTime Studio

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