LangTime Studio, Episode 32: Create That Word! (Part I)

In this episode, titled “Create That Word!”, we play a new LangTime Chat game!

We play a game where I provide David with a list of words that are basic roots in a not-as-yet-created language (all roots are English counterparts—not phonological forms), and he has to create strategies for forming new words. They aren’t just any words, though, that he’s creating: I provide specific words for him to create from those existing roots. 

We have three rounds of the game, focusing on different strategies: compounds, derivations, and grammaticalizations.

If you want to play along, I’ve attached a PDF of the root list and the presentation slides that provide the new words that need to be semantically formed.

We hope you enjoy the episode and have a happy start to your October!

By LangTime Studio

David and Jessie are creating a new language live on YouTube one week at a time!