LangTime Chat, Episode 4: Basic Vocabulary in Conlangs

This episode is a wild ride beginning with a story about a vent and ending with a story about raunchy pizza. In between those two points, we discuss children’s language use and basic vocabulary in conlangs. There are several resources to accompany, including some photos and PDF documents.

One discussion takes us into the territory of snow-covered gloves. In case you are like David and have no experience with snow sticking to your gloves as you play outside, here is a photo of a very young Will in the snow. If you look closely at his gloves, you’ll see how snow sticks right to them.

The discussion veers into Meridian’s “permanent hat,” and you all need a photo to see that darling hat!

The final photo is a screenshot of a chart I drew about basic vocabulary as we talked about words in conlangs. If you follow us on Instagram or Twitter, you’ll recognize this photo!

Attached to this post are two PDF documents: the Swadesh List and the Leipzig-Jakarta List, both of which are discussed in the podcast.

And, finally, here is the transcript. Enjoy!

By LangTime Studio

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